Ziyang Wu

Ziyang W_CV (PDF)

ZIYANG WU, who grew up China, received his MFA in 2016 from the Rhode Island School of Design. Trained as a painter, Wu gradually realized that painting as his primary means of expression was too limiting. “I’m always dissatisfied by a single visual form and seek to include different elements in my work such as technology, drama, and influences from other cultures.”  Wu’s search for a medium that would allow more opportunity for diverse expression led him to video, which he discovered was a natural form for him.  Focusing on contemporary China, its political and social world, Wu creates stories replete with ridicule of its leaders subtly embedded below the surface. Themes of oppression, corruption, and absurd behavior make sharp contrasts with the visual beauty of the animation and its power to magically and magnetically draw you in.

Facekini Series -Makeup, 2015. Color digital video with sound. 6 min., 18 sec.


Falling, 2015. Color digital video with sound. 5 min., 11 sec.


The Story of the Pig, 2016. Color digital video with sound. 8 min., 42 sec.


Xia Che Dan (Bullshit), 2015. Color digital video with sound, foam, wood, steel. 71” x 60” x 226”. 7 min., 4 sec.


Ticket, 2015. Color digital video with sound, TV monitor, foam. 28″ x 35″ x 13″. 11 min., 8 sec.

MEREDITH SANDS / ZIYANG WU    (Oct 13 – Nov 26, 2016)